what to expect 1st appointment

Please come in with comfortable clothing options.  I like people to wear something that allows access to the lower/mid/upper back, arms and knee down on legs.  Now, I do have gowns, towels and sheets to accommodate folks, but find that wearing your own clothes (loose shorts/pants/cami/sports bra) makes you more relaxed and receptive to the treatment.

Please come hydrated, and fed.  Energy flows with treatment and if you are a bit dehydrated or hungry it may not be the best treatment that you could get.  I don’t recommend downing a heavy meal or drinking too much prior, but use judgement to keep yourself comfortable.

What to do after.  This is the time to down some nice nourishing food, drink lots of water/tea.  Energy keeps shifting for about 3 hours post treatment.  Use the time to relax and re-group.  I like to tell folks, don’t go play 18holes of golf, cross Fit, heavy running or lifting…or have excess alcohol.  Take time to enjoy being in the zone, feeling less pain/anxiety/frustration!

If you do exert yourself…take time to just chill.  Slow down.  Do some abdominal breathing and focus on following the breathe in (7second)- hold (3seconds) –out (7seconds).  Do this for 3-4  minutes.


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